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Lord of the Rings Daily

LOTR Daily
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Welcome to LOTR Daily!

This is the LJ Community where you can get your daily picture fix of the cast members of Lord of the Rings.

Like all the other _daily communities this one is also pictures-only. No icons, no wallpaper, no news, no opinions, no community advertising, no colourbars, no "to make this legal" nothing. Those posts will be deleted without warning. PICTURES ONLY! Please only post pictures of the actors mentioned in the interests.

If you want to chat, post articles or plug your website, head over to lotrboys_spam. If you want to remind everyone about so-and-so's upcoming TV appearance, post it in lotr_ontv.

Read the Rules BEFORE You Join!

1) Post pictures only. This is a pictures only community.

2) No Hotlinking/Direct linking. Please don't link directly to an image hosted on any site but your own. This also means no linking to pictures in the lotr_daily community. Direct linking steals bandwidth and costs site owners money, it is not accepted in any way.

There are many free image hosting websites. Try these first:

LiveJournal ScrapBook

3) Cut pictures & posts. For the benefit of everyone else if your pic is more than 500 pixels wide please crop and/or re-size it or put it under an LJ-cut tag. If you are going to post more than one pic, put those behind the lj-cut too. Not sure how to do it? Click here for instructions.

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If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact overloved.


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